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In our previous post we launched the new How To Ski App for iPhone.

How To Ski
How To Ski right there in your pocket!

Watch the Overview Videos…

The App was launched pre Christmas – with a view to getting a few copies of the App out there as stocking fillers. Which worked well.
Now that the holidays are over and the Winter is in full swing, it is time to get those ski legs working, and to see if it is possible to simply improve your skiing.
One of the reasons that we decided to launch an Phone App was in order to gather together some, what are at times quite simple but fundamental ideas about how to ski, and present them to you with the use of Video.
What makes this even more convenient is that now with the advent of smart phones just about everyone has a mini HD video player right there in their pocket.

The How To Ski App has all the videos downloaded on to your phone, so there is no need to have an internet connection, or feel that you are risking using up data connection charges.
All the Videos are there on your phone and ready to watch.
You can watch them at home, in the chalet, on the chairlift or in your favorite restaurant.

Video Ski Lessons
Something For Every Skier

Since our initial launch, we have have some great feedback about the clarity of the presented information.
We have also been asked for the possibility of some preview videos, for those that might be a little more hesitant about what they are buying.

So we have released the Overview videos, to let you see what you will be learning.
We have divided up in to four areas which you can choose to work on as you prefer.

Stronger, Easier Parallel Turns – watch the overview video now..
Cleaner Carving – watch the overview video now…
Steeper and Narrower – watch the overview video now…
Improve Your Bumps – watch the overview video now…

We hope that you enjoy the Videos, and you like the App. We are always keen to get some feedback, so let us know what you think.

Colin – TDCski & How To Ski App for iPhone

App Store
How To Ski App for iPhone Available on App Store

2 thoughts on “How To Ski – Overview Videos – Have a look…”

  1. That is one of the most useful ski Apps I have come across as it actually provides some value. Would be great to see more advanced lessons or skills in there for the pro’s who want to have a go at something new. Hope it’s popular enough to warrant an Android version but look forward to using the app myself.

  2. Thank you Powderwhite Ski Holidays, we are really glad that you like the How To Ski App. Our plan is for this to the first in a series so more advanced topics would definitely be to have more lessons with high end skills.
    We are also currently looking into both Android and iPad versions.
    Keep in touch with all the latest updates from

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