How To Ski App for iPhone

How To Ski App for iPhone

How To Ski App for iPhone
Simple Video Lessons on your iPhone

How To Ski is the first in a new series of Apps designed to give the everyday recreational skier a simple, accessible and value for money way to improve their skiing.

The How To Ski app offers viewers 12 simple and easy to understand videos answering the question, ‘how do I ski better?’

Tackling the most common problems, and some of the most commonly asked questions, this new app has been designed and created by two ski instructors at the top of their game, Colin Tanner and Giles Lewis.

What Ever Level of Skier You Are This App Will Help You Ski Better

Colin Tanner comments, “I’ve skied back to back winters for many years, in France and New Zealand, and together with Giles’ experience we came up with the most important and universally helpful ski improvement techniques for this app. Whatever level of skier you are, there will be a tip to help.”

Four sections, Stronger and Easier ParallelsCleaner CarvingSteeper and Narrowerand Improve your Bumps with an overview and three videos within each section make up this first How To Ski app. The videos can be watched on their own or in conjunction with others, there is no start/finish point.

Stronger and Easier Parallels, Cleaner Carving, Steeper and Narrower and Improve your Bumps

Designed to be watched in the restaurant, on the slopes or in the lifts, the information and footage on the app offers a short, simple and effective focus to implement when on snow, a pocket instructor!

The How To Ski video lessons have been professionally filmed and edited using visually exciting and stimulating images with crisp and clear audio.

Download How To Ski costing just UK £2.99, US $4.99

Video Ski Lessons
Something For Every Skier

Improve Your Skiing

Our many years of experience working with recreational skiers has allowed us to carefully select the content for this app. The four main sections reflect areas of ski technique that often frustrate keen skiers and frequently require development in our clients.

Each Section has an overview, this has two functions, firstly it allows you to see how the three lessons fit into the wider context of the section heading. Secondly it allows you to briefly preview the lessons and then select the most appropriate to your needs.

Video lessons
Each lesson is designed to be watched at home, on the slopes, in the restaurant, on the lift. The information and footage gives you a simple, effective focus to implement into your skiing. Your confidence and technique will improve as you revisit the lesson as many times as you choose. Keep your own private instructor in your pocket and progress at your own pace.

Simple Video Lessons on your iPhone App Store

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