Snowboard Lessons

TDCsnowboard offer Snowboard lessons in both Tignes and Val d’Isere.

Snowboard Lessons Tignes & Val d’Isere

Improve your riding in an enjoyable relaxed environment.
TDCsnowboarding are a team of highly motivated and experienced snowboard instructors who hold the highest international qualification with full French equivalence. Having trained through the British BASI system and with our first language being English, we specialise in providing the best quality, personalised snowboard lessons.

Group Snowboard Lessons

Our popular clinic format is available for Snowboard Lessons in Tignes.
Small groups with a class size of three to six, allow individual coaching and specific attention to your snowboarding.
We believe the optimal approach to group lessons is our clinic format. Small groups with a maximum of six people, a great way to improve your riding in a fun group environment.
Our clinics run over three half-days giving you quality time to focus on progression while still allowing you to enjoy your own freeriding to hone the new skills you have learnt.

For the Love of Snowboarding

Private Snowboard Lessons

Private Snowboard Lessons Val d’sere and Private Snowboard Lessons Tignes are the perfect way to make a breakthrough in your riding with your own coach.
Private snowboarding lessons are the optimal lesson format to improve your performance. Ideally suited to individuals or groups of individuals who would like to benefit from the advantages of having their own coach.

Feeride Snowboard Lessons

A Mountain Playground

Explore the immense off-piste potential in Tignes and Val d’Isere with a TDCsnowboarding off-piste lesson.
Freeride Snowboard Lessons Tignes and Freeride Lessons Val d’Isere what do you get?

You Get an awesome experience with –
Coach and Guide; get the most out of the area with technical skills coaching and an off-piste guide. TDCsnowboarding coaches specialise in both, not only being able to find the optimal snow and terrain on any given day, but teaching you the skills and tactics to ride it.

Safety First; TDCsnowboarding provide all the necessary avalanche safety kit and training.

TDCsnowboard is the Best Snowboard School in Tignes and Val d’Isere

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