Ski Club of Great Britain Season Start Up – day 2

SCGB with tdc coach Ben Langridge

Ski Club Season Start Up – day 2

It was another beautiful day in the Espace Killy today and although we haven’t had loads of snow so far this season the piste conditions are fantastic, there’s barely a rock in sight!

This morning I took the group over to Val d’Isere but unfortunately my favourite La Daille area was closed due to preparations for the World Cup and a fallen cable which was crossing La Verte piste. We spent the morning consolidating yesterday’s technical focusses which were getting balanced over the outside ski early in the turn and improving rotary movements.

SCGB with tdc coach Ben Langridge
SCGB with tdc coach Ben Langridge

As the video footage shows the guys made some great changes notably their turn shape and economy of movements.

After a great lunch in La Datcha, we headed up into the Solaise bowl to work on the inside ski which in the most part wasn’t quite matching the outside ski. The general feedback was really positive with the guys feeling more stable, more smooth, and more efficient, so I took the group down the Matisse piste which I knew would be quite icy and narrow. This was a good test to see if the inside ski focus helped their impulse of rotation and their ability to put the ski flat and be patient through the arc. I was really pleased with the outcome as the team skied comfortably over the varied snow adapting with each turn to the different snow underfoot. We finished the day with another video run before heading back to the hotel bar to review it over a Vin Chaud.

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