Brilliant snow conditions in Val d’Isere and Tignes

Thanks to YSE for this great photo
Looking at the Solaise 12th Nov 2009

Things are looking great for the start of the season.

Thanks to YSE for this great photo looking at the Solaise 11th Nov 2009.

Looking good…

And thanks to John for the text as well – “This is extraordinary! It snowed again yesterday, hit -10? overnight, and the snow cannons were running this morning. Apart from the fact that there are still orange needles on the larches, it could be January. This is how winters used to be before global warming, Gordon Brown and the decline of religion”

Check out the Webcams –

First turns on snow

The BASI course finished on Friday, so that makes 10 new race coaches ready to get out there and change the world for the better. Really nice group actually, well done to them.

Saturday saw the first ever indoor session run under the banner of the development centre, or tdc. The participants were the Ski club of Manchester, a keen and talented bunch. Most of the slope was being used by kids club or had enormous kickers built on it, but the bit we still had left was good firm snow and i managed to catch up with them enough times to try a few drills and make a few changes. Until Rushup Edge has a decent base of snow again we will be back in the Chillfactore for some more on snow soon.

See some short turns